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5 Signs you need to refurbish your room

An office you feel at home in is always going to be more productive than one that feels old and rundown. If your office or hotel room feels dated and in need of a revamp, look no further than HW UK Services Ltd, for a team of property development specialists based in Glasgow. If you aren't sure if your office needs redecorating or not, read these top 5 signs.

1. It hasn't been redecorated since you started working there

If your office decor is still the same as when you started there, it's time to redecorate to create a more personal feel. Redecorating it to your taste can quickly make your workspace feel more homely and comfortable. 

2. There is an overwhelming amount of white or cream

If you look around and the room is washed with white or cream walls and furnishings, it is definitely time for a change. While minimalism is on-trend, a splash of colour or a statement wall can make your office look much more exciting.

3. The furnishing and decor is impersonal

If your home study decor completely resembles the 'standard' office feel, you should redecorate to add a more personal touch. Adding wall art that you like or splashes of your favourite colour are classy ways to feel more at home in your workspace. 

4. There is an outdated feel

If you walk into your room and feel like you've moved back a decade or two, it is definitely time to get our team in to redecorate. You spend a lot of tie in your bedroom, so it should at least look like it's from this century. There are a lot of simple ways to achieve this and you'd be surprised how much difference a fresh coat of paint can achieve.

5. It feels cluttered 

A cluttered office can really reduce the productivity taking place, as it has an unorganised feel. During redecorating, think of creative ways to add more storage space to your office, to stop this problem from occurring in the future.

Need a property development specialist in Glasgow?

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