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Things to consider before renovating a B&B

If you own a B&B and are considering renovation, there are several things to consider beforehand. It can be a very big job, so it is important you make the right changes to improve your business.

Do you really need to?

The first big question is will refurbing actually make a difference? You can't renovate your B&B every time there is a new competitor or every time trends change, so consider whether now is the best time. You should take into account the state of your property compared to your competition, as well as how much business you are drawing in.

Upgrade? Or renovation?

Sometimes upgrading certain factors can work better than a complete renovation. For example, why not upgrade your showers or beds, rather than redecorating the whole B&B. You can also think about renovating certain parts of the room that need it most, such as the bathroom.

Key alternations for you B&B

Every B&B is different, with different positives and negatives, so it is important you take into consideration what will work for your property. Some key alternations include:

  • redecorating the walls/floors
  • new furniture in the guest rooms
  • adding personal touches throughout, such as artwork/decorative items
  • introducing new facilities
  • building/converting new rooms

How will you make a profit from the renovation?

After the renovation is complete, you need to think about how it will make a difference. Will you be able to up your prices for offering a more luxurious stay? Or will more customers be attracted to a newly decorated but reasonably priced B&B? There are a lot of ways to drum up business after redecorating so you need to make sure you capitalize on it as quickly as you can, so you can start making a profit again.

What do your customers think?

You can really learn from customer reviews and guest feedback, so make sure you are checking through TripAdvisor, Google reviews and other similar sites. If your customers are commenting on a dated feel, for example, you know your reviews will improve after you decorate. Not only will this improve your reputation, but you are also more likely to get returning customers.

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