When should I call out an electrician?

The electrical wiring in your home can be very complex and dangerous- but not all issues require you to call out an electrician. Below, we have listed all of the common electrical issues faced in the home and whether or not they can be simple DIY jobs- or require the help of a professional. Of course, you should never carry out any work unless you feel confident- so our team are happy to help with even the simplest of jobs to keep you safe!

Faulty Dimmer Switches - DIY SAFE

Faulty dimmer switches tend to be caused by poor installation or low-grade materials. Take a look at the switch closely to find out which is causing the problem and approach it accordingly. 

Bulb Blowouts- DIY SAFE

It is normal for a lightbulb to blow out occasionally, but if it is happening regularly it suggests the bulb doesn't have the right wattage for the fixture. Swap your current bulb for an LED alternative.

Basic Circuit Overload- DIY SAFE

If there are too many appliances plugged into one outlet, it can cause a circuit overload. The easiest way to resolve this is to simply move some appliances to another outlet, to reduce the power. 


This indicates there is a loose connection somewhere, that can lead to a fire if not resolved properly.

Regular Breaker Trips- PROFESSIONALS ONLY

If you have reduced the number of appliances plugged into an outlet and it still trips, calls out an electrician to find the real source of the problem.

Breakers Humming/Buzzing- PROFESSIONALS ONLY

If you can hear any noise coming from your breaker, flip it to off as soon as possible. This indicates the breaker is faulty and overloaded, but cannot trip. Call out an electrician when possible.

Any Issue in a Damp Area- PROFESSIONALS ONLY

Even if the issue is listed above as DIY Safe, if it occurs in a place prone to damp or moisture, it can become a lot more dangerous. Electric and water do not mix, so it is always better to play it safe and call out an electrician for even the simplest of jobs in a damp area. 

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